Friday, November 07, 2003

I'm Too Sexy

Condom-maker Durex conducted an online "sexiness" poll with the expected entertaining results.

  1. Hungarians, Bulgarians, and Russians have the most sex, 150+ times per year.
  2. Brazilians are the sexiest nationality, followed by Americans and the French.
  3. The Thais, Vietnamese, and Chinese are the most satisfied with their sex lives; the Russians, despite their promiscuity, are the least satisfied.
  4. Singaporeans had the least sex of any country.
  5. David Beckham was voted the world's sexiest man; J. Lo took the sexiest woman honors.

I could make jokes about the results, but I think that they speak for themselves!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

External Accountability

Second business idea of the day: Web-based Accountability

I think it would be very cool and useful to layer in some kind of request/bug-tracking system on top of a social networking application. That way, if I want to request something of a friend, I enter a request into the system. My friend can choose to accept or reject the request. If he accepts, it goes into his request queue. I can see the request in my personal list of outgoing requests, and he can see it in his list of incoming requests. From there, we can manage the request much like a bug-tracking system manages a bug.
Attractive Trainers, Inc.

Here's another business idea--why not apply the pharmaceuticals rep approach to technical training? One of my colleagues was commenting this morning on how his interest in the subject matter increased when he saw the attractive female instructor. Most technical training is aimed towards geeky males; why not start a company that hires attractive young women, gives them technical training, then rents them out to software companies to conduct their training and seminars?

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

American Porn Idol

The porno-ization of America continues as Silhouette Productions announces its plan to produce a 7-episode reality show in which 28 women compete for a contract with an adult film distributor. Among the judges? Former gubernatorial candidates Mary Carey and Cruz Bustamente. (Just kidding; even the porn industry refuses to touch Cruz after his loss to Arnold!)

"It's like 'Paradise Hotel,' when they go behind the scenes," said Silhouette CEO Harry Feingold, "Everybody wants to know what's going on. Well, here you see it."

There are two important questions:

1. Have we been able to beat the Roman Empire for decadence yet?
2. Will Fox take up the challenge to its sleaze crown and in fact launch a hardcore pornography channel, as joked about on the Simpsons?
The Latest Social Networking News

One of my sources reports that Reid Hoffman's LinkedIn just raised its first round of outside financing. Stay tuned for the details.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Simpsons fan Rob Baur has actually grown a tomacco plant by grafting a tomato plant onto a tobacco plant. The result: a tomato that's full of nicotine.

While the Simpsons episode ended with the destruction of the sole surviving tomacco plant in a fiery helicopter crash, perhaps this miscegnation story will have a happy ending. In the future, millions of smokers will fidget nervously as they await their tomacco pasta, tomacco pizzas, and tomacco bruschetta!

(courtesy of Slashdot)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Add an inch, add a yard

It's amazing how much one's perspective depends on context. You'd never pay $3 for a bottle of water, but when you're at a football game on a hot day, all of a sudden the price is right. This weekend, I was at a friend's bachelor party. I spent some $150 over the course of the weekend--an enormous amount for a fellow who hates to even pay for his own lunch, but once I committed to spending $100 or so, the remaining $50 came pretty easily.

I suppose this is the same principle behind selling "accessories" with new cars.