Friday, March 12, 2004

Sea Lions are Gangsta!

19-year old Ray Dushkin Jr. had a close encounter of the fishy kind when a 1-ton sea lion leaped out of the water and pulled him from his grandfather's boat into the ocean. Said his father, Ray Sr., "He went over like a rag doll. The only thing I was thinking is, that sea lion was taking off with my boy, and I'll never see him again.''

Fortunately for the young fisherman, the sea lion decided that his coveralls, pants, and left buttock did not taste as good as his typical herring, and let Dushkin go.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The $200 Bill

The folks at The Smoking Gun are reporting on an incident in which an unidentified man successfully paid his Wal-Mart tab with a fake $200 bill. Despite the fact that the $200 bill includes a picture of George W. Bush, and the fact that the reverse side shows a White House festooned with yard signs saying things like "I love ice cream," some hapless Wal-Mart cashier actually accepted the bill and gave the man $50 in change.
The new wonder drug for impotence

Blind studies showed that Viagra was able to improve erections for 72% of German erectile disfunction sufferers. Impressive, right?

Those same studies showed that a new wonder drug was able to improve erections for 80% of those treated. The drug? Regular moderate exercise.