Thursday, August 19, 2004

Party Animal

A 2-year-old black bear was found passed out at Baker Lake campground, Washington, after drinking 36 cans of beer. This alone would make it worthy of inclusion in this blog. What really makes the story special are two further facts:

1. The discerning bear started his binge drinking Busch, but quickly switched to local microbrew Ranier Beer after only one can of the low-end lager.

2. The wildlife agents captured the bear by setting a trap with donuts, honey, and two cans of Ranier Beer.

While the bear was not named, a sneaking suspicion tells me that it might go by "Homer Simpson."

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Worst Movies of All Time

I was pondering the IMDB's list of the worst 100 movies of all time, as voted by the readers.

It's very hard to make a movie, any movie. The amount of work that goes into one is staggering, as anyone who's worked on a set can attest. While the filming was going on, did the participants realize that they were helping to create one of the worst films of all time?

Alas, the list did not include one of my favorite worst movies, "Avenging Disco Godfather." Trust me, the title is the best thing about it. Chalk it up to the foolishness of living on an all-male floor during my junior year at college.

On the other hand, the theme song was pretty good. "He's the godfather...of disco. He's the godfather...of disco."