Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Miscellaneous Links

Miscellaneous Links

Too interesting to delete...too minor for their own post...it's time for some more miscellaneous links!

The Web desktop takes another step closer to reality.

6 Apart shows you how to apologize to your customers for a screw-up. Hint: Make them feel like they're in control:

Increased bullying of Asian teens...I've often said that Asian gangs are key to getting street respect. Otherwise, other races will just watch our movies, get our words tattooed on their bodies, and still beat us up.

Now there's no excuse not to back up your files

Now there's no excuse not to back up your files
I've always put off backing up my files. Too much trouble. Too much hassle. Thus far, I've dodged the bullet of hard-drive death.

But now that there's Mozy, I have no excuse.

Mozy is a free back-up service that lets up remotely back up 2 GB of files. It's easy to use. And did I mention that it's free?

I downloaded Mozy and had 1.7 GB of files backed up shortly thereafter, with ongoing nightly backups.

I hope I never have to use it, but it sure helps me sleep better at night.

What is Greatness?

What is Greatness?

What is greatness? Two different portraits of two different successful men (basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and Star Trek: The Next Generation mastermind Michael Piller) show some surprising similarities:

The great have an uncanny degree of self-confidence, a willingness to ignore the conventional wisdom and what others think in order to pursue their own path. I've noticed the same thing in many of the CEOs and entrepreneurs that I've worked with.

Of course self-confidence without justification is arrogance and hubris. The trick is knowing whether or not your belief in yourself is rational. Ultimately, that has to come from within--the outside world will call you a dreamer and a fool up to the point where you succeed, at which point you'll be hailed as a visionary.

The New Venture Bubble

The New Venture Bubble

It's official, we're back into bubble territory.

The Merc reports that 4INFO just raised $8 million from Draper Fisher and USVP on a $20 million premoney, based on the concept of a search engine for mobile phones.

$8 million for a cocktail napkin idea? Now I'm scared.

Either that, or it's time for me to raise some money!