Sunday, November 19, 2006

Star Trek Dating Site Offers New Hope

In a world of niche dating sites, it's nice to see someone tackling the underserved market of hard-core Star Trek fans.

After all, without any new Trek movie premieres to sleep out for, where is the passionate Trekker going to find a mate?

On most dating sites, being a 5'4", 210 pound, 47-year-old man with an income of less than $25,000 per year would mean certain doom, but on TrekPassions, friends like aldeygirl and vixi can help him get a life.

I kid because I love. After all, I can name almost every TOS (that's The Original Series, full of Shatnerian glory) episode--there but for the grace of circumstance go I!

And all joking aside, this kind of niche dating is a great business model. If you can identify another such audience, you could build a pretty nice business.


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Andy said...

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