Saturday, April 07, 2007

Great Writing of the Day: "The Suetonius of Sleaze"

"The Suetonius of Sleaze"

As a writer, sometimes I just have to sit back and marvel at the appropriateness of a turn of phrase. The juxtaposition of the famed ancient Roman historian with the modern sleaze of Times Square; the alliterative nickname, complete with allusion to Ruthian "Sultan of Swat" and rich with the aural joy of simply pronouncing "Suetonius"; all work together to create a layered and entertaining experience that passes by in less than three seconds as a throwaway parenthetical.

The fact that it comes in a Time Magazine review of a Tarantino movie only makes it more enjoyable!


Sam Lythton said...

I really enjoy reading you blog. You have some of the most intelligent and eloquent writings I have ever read.

George Carl said...

That is a very intersting take. Good job.

Chris said...

Thanks guys! I do like to highlight good writing when I find it.

Anonymous said...

Found another comment about ustream on this kids blog, apparently you mentioned him in webtvwire interview

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to tell you where i found it, its at

Sakura said...

I really admire how you always bring a fresh perspective to a diverse range of topics. I will continue on visiting your blog.

Anonymous said...

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