Saturday, April 07, 2007

It's Easy To Be Remarkable. So Why Don't We Do It?

I read a great little post in FastCompany about how valuable and easy it can be for a business to create a sense of abundance and generosity:
When I arrived, the restaurant was packed and we were told we'd have to
wait a short while for a seat. The wait ended up being a minute or two, and in
the interim we were offered a selection of donut holes.

This place doesn't make people wait to get fed, Andy said. He
explained that depending on the time of day a selection of extras were offered
to diners, everything from donut holes to prunes. After dinner, customers were
given a free scoop of ice cream.

"I mention this place in my book," Andy said. "Donut holes are not
much, but it makes a difference to people. People will talk about it with their

In the end, a rational economic analysis would say that donut holes, prunes, and free ice cream are a cheap way to buy goodwill. But that's not the point. The point is that these little perks are a reflection of an attitude of generosity and caring for the customer...and they are a hell of a way to generate goodwill and word of mouth.

Whether you're running a business, or simply trying to manage your social life, take 5 minutes to think about how you can create a (genuine) reputation for generosity and abundance, simply by showing a little kindness and courtesy.


Eric Meyerson said...

The Pork Store in the upper Haight gets a nice long line for brunch every weekend. They always bring out coffee for the people waiting in line. It's almost free, and it makes everyone happy they waited.

It's amazing to think how many opportunities companies of all types have to show their customers they love them.

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