Friday, February 02, 2007

Mark Your Calendars: Entrepreneurship Week @ Stanford

If you're going to be in the Bay Area the week of February 24 to March 3, be sure to check out the EntrepreneurshipWeek festivities at my old alma mater, Stanford University.

This great series of events, which are *FREE*, will include a keynote on cleantech by Tom Friedman, presentations by the Valley's usual suspects like Steve Jurvetson and Guy Kawasaki, and an Iron Chef-esque Innovation Challenge where teams will compete to create as much value as possible during the week, with final presentations on March 3.

Let me know if you're going so we can meet up. I'm planning on checking out the VC Speed Dating on March 2, as well as the closing ceremonies on March 3.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Business Idea of the Day: Metalocal

My MyWay partner-in-crime, Tom Evslin, has a great post up about the opportunity in local Web 2.0 businesses. For example, he writes:

"You could be the of local by providing a tool used within local sites for sub-communities to find the best of what ever they’re interested in."

To me, the opportunity does not lie in adding YAWN (yet another Web 2.0 network), but rather in enabling metalocal functionality in existing services.

I'm already using don't want to start using a new service. What we need is a meta layer on top of that allows me to see the kinds of links of other people in the same locale. Or a meta layer on top of flickr that lets me see the photostream of fellow 650 residents.

Create a single site where I can enter all my different services, my location, and other characteristics, and then connect me to content from other Palo Alto residents, Lakers fans, or whatever else might tickle my fancy. Think of it as Placeblogger on steroids.

Any takers?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nerdcore is the new Gangsta

The rise of nerdcore rap is either a symbol of our glorious mashup society, or this week's sign of the apocalypse. I'll let you decide. All I can say is that reading the lyrics to this rap had me laughing out loud, which is probably a bad sign:

You're running csh and my shell is bash,
You're the tertiary storage; I'm the L1 cache.
I'm a web crawling spider; you an Internet mosquito;
You thought the 7-layer model referred to a burrito.
You're a dialup connection; I'm a gigabit LAN.
I last a mythical man-month; you a one-minute man.
It's like I'm running Thunderbird and you're still stuck with Pine,
Which is why I think it's time for me to KILL DASH NINE.

P.S. Thanks to Vinnie for the link!

P.P.S. I'm proud to say that I've never used Pine. Elm all the way, baby.