Sunday, June 10, 2007

Newsflash: Chris Yeh Becomes CEO of Ustream.TV

I have accepted an offer to become CEO of Ustream.TV.

I've been lucky enough to be an investor in and advisor to the company for several months, and when this opportunity arose, I jumped on it.

It certainly helps that Ustream has built incredible buzz since its launch in March. I'm pretty sure it's a good sign when people start tossing around the term "YouTube beater" less than a month after the company's launch.

I was also blown away by the enthusiasm of our users, the Ustreamers. Our Ustreamers are truly the ones in the driver's seat, and their creativity and passion are probably our greatest asset.

The deciding factor was the team. Johnny, Brad, and Gyula (who founded the company with their friend Adam), did a phenomenal job of building the Ustream platform, and are eagerly building on the foundation they laid. We've also been fortunate enough to bring on board Tim Villanueva as our CTO, a guy who's been both Chief Architect (Intuit) and CTO ( of major publicly traded companies. I'm proud and delighted to be a member of such a great team.

I've dispensed a lot of advice to other entrepreneurs over the years, and I recognize that it's a lot harder to do it than to say it. But it's a lot more rewarding too. I'm glad I'm getting the opportunity to put my own advice to work.

As long as I'm getting back in the saddle, I figure I should mention that Ustream is hiring. We're always looking for great PHP, AJAX, and Flash developers, as well as folks familiar with building and running massively scalable systems.

On the business side, I'm looking to hire a product manager with consumer Internet experience, as well as a community manager to nurture the Ustream community.

Finally, we're looking for an experienced product management contractor to come in and provide some immediate assistance as we build out our vision for the product.

Let the adventure begin.