Monday, February 04, 2008

Quote of the Day: Fear, Hope, and Love

"The easiest way to build a brand is to sell fear. The best way, though, may be to deliver on hope while aiming for love..."
--Seth Godin


Michael Josefowicz said...

I wonder if the political campaigns are going to take notice.

Chris said...

Alas, I think the probably answer is "fat chance." Obama comes Seth's post indicates.

Foobarista said...

The problem is that "love" in a political campaign quits as soon as one begins to talk about real issues.

You can do the "Inspiring Message of Hope & Unity" thing for awhile, but the rubber has to meet the road at some point. And when Obama/Hillary/McCain are forced to put the Medicare choice of reduced benefits and massive tax increases on the table, few will be feeling the love.

Ryan said...

You've gotta love Seth!