Friday, October 17, 2008

TV Guide sells for $1

Want a sign that the dead tree publishing industry is in trouble?

TV Guide just sold for $1. Not a single issue, the whole damn magazine.

While in a state of decline, TV Guide still has a circulation of 20 million people.

And it just sold for the cost of a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger, hold the fries.

* Note: The price is for the magazine; the current owner is keeping the web site.


Anonymous said...

Ouch... here I am advocating you spend lunch money on your fav web2.0 service, and it turns out you could buy an entire company instead :-)

Anonymous said...

Why are you using an URL shortening service when you are writing on a BLOG?

"I don't want to make this link too long, it might confuse users!"

Jane Gaines said...

Interesting post. What I don't understand is why one would want to spend even $1 on it, when you see the loans required to keep it going.

Kevin Price at was discussing this as well and he indicated that he thought TV Guide was history decades ago.