Thursday, August 14, 2008

Steve Jobs Rules

Unbelievably, Apple is now worth more than Google or Cisco. Steve, I bow down to your magical powers.

This reminds me of a line from our HBS musical, spoken by the evil Darth Venture to his younger self via the magic of time travel:

"Go find a kid with hippie hair named Steve Jobs. Fund him. Sell the stock whenever he's fired, and buy the stock whenever he returns."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Russia Invades Georgia, Internet Yawns

Is anyone else bothered by the near-invisibility in the blogosphere of the Russian invasion of neighboring Georgia?

Only time will tell whether comparisons to Hitler's aggression are overblown or sadly prescient, but I do find it disturbing that Digg's front page has no mention of the invasion (though it does find room for "Man has Sex with Steel Bench, Almost Loses Penis".

Perhaps it's just a reflection of the insulated world I live in (Silicon Valley), but I haven't read a single post or Tweet on the invasion. In comparison, Gmail's recent outage was treated as a banner headline.

If I didn't have the antediluvian habit of checking Google News and Drudge, I wouldn't have even heard of the conflict.

Perhaps I'm being unfair. After all, foreign invasions don't have a direct impact on Series A valuations. But it sure seems like there's a lot of fiddling going on.