Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why do Asian women prefer white men? Because white men prefer Asian women.

My latest post on Ask The Harvard MBA seems to have struck a on over to read my thoughts on applying market segmentation to racial profiling in the dating world.


Anonymous said...

And once we move on to the marrying world, we hit the same thing here in the Valley. At least 2/3 of the white techies I know are married to Asian women (including me).

Part of it is if you're a techie, 90% of the women you'll see are Asian, unless you're a bar-hopping party animal (which few techies are). In tech companies, the only non-Asian women work in HR or are receptionists (unless they're Russians or other Eastern Europeans - in which case, they'll be hugely in demand if they aren't married, which they usually are).

The few American-born white women you see in the tech world are hardcore vegan animal rights types who lecture you about global warming and eeeevil American SUVs in the lunchroom. And they wonder why they still aren't married when they're 50.

Anonymous said...

asian women prefer white men because they are whores. asian culture is obsessed with power, status, social climbing, etc. so when you consider that most men around the world think asian women to be the most beautiful, asian women clearly have their pick of the litter. white men have conquered the world and control everything, so no matter how ugly or stupid a white man might be he will certainly have an easy time getting the most beautiful asian lady. being that asian men share the same culture of "success obsession" as their female counterparts, understand that being a whore is not considered a masculine or attractive quality for men in most parts of the world. so the poor asian man caught in the same disgusting social phenomenon spends his time dreaming about the white woman he will never attain and seems clueless as to why. perhaps he should get a job in construction or farming. or better yet, how about developing an idea of self respect that does not include being on top. it's sad to me living in boston where every single day i see hundreds of pretty asian girls going with retarded, busted, white loosers. this is not hard to see but people are reluctant to believe the truth. pride? ignorance? living in a fantasy world? all of these things contribute to the complete lack of serious concern for this issue. personally i find it disgusting and have a close connection to the whole thing. i'm a person of mixed american indian and white background and have spent most of my life living in heavily asian communities. asian girls are only atteacted to me because i look white, but when they discover i am culturally very indian they walk right out the door. i would write a book on the topic but i value my life and would not like to be assassinated. my advice to asian people is to have some dignity and stop looking at white people like they are some kind of gods. hard work and true love are the only values which stand the test of time, so know well that history will judge you a shame. if the future holds any promise that is.

Anonymous said...

I am an Asian woman married to a white man. And I can tell you, both Anonymous comments are correct.