Thursday, October 15, 2009

Come Meet Tom Campbell on November 3

59% of Americans consider themselves "fiscally conservative and socially liberal" (I'm one of them).

Yet here in California, a gerrymandered state results in rule by extremists.

Tom Campbell is one of the last FC/SL Republican politicians left in the state. I would argue that this brand of pragmatic beliefs and policy focus is the California GOP's best shot at regaining relevance, something that even non-Republicans should support, since a credible opposition party is a key asset for any democracy.

Despite facing a massive money disadvantage in comparison to his wealthy competitors, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, Campbell is running neck and neck with Whitman in the latest polls. Even more interesting, he's leading Whitman in voters 18-49, despite being (my apologies) a dorky white guy who is a policy wonk.

I've got nothing against Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner, who are successful businesspeople (and you know me--there's few people I admire more than successful businesspeople!). But this state is a mess, and needs someone with ideas AND experience.

Tom Campbell has a real shot in the GOP primary. But what he needs now is money.

That's why I've donated money to Tom's campaign, and will be co-hosting a fundraising event in Atherton on November 3.

I'd like to invite you as my guest. There's no obligation to donate, just to listen (though donations will be greatly appreciated).

If you're interested, let me know quickly--the invitations are going fast.


Mike Belshe said...

Being from Silicon Valley, Whitman is a pretty compelling choice. Experience is a quality which sounds good on paper, but I think the career politicians have proven that they can't fix California. I'm happy to NOT have experience be a criteria. In fact, if I had my druthers, I fire every incumbent and get a whole new crew.

I saw this slide deck recently, and think we should look for these qualities in our leaders. As you consider how much 'experience' should matter for our next Governor, think of slides #1, #3, #4 and #9.

Paul said...

I can read the headlines of the opposition now: "Wannabe Pornographer Hosts Sordid Fundraiser For Campbell"

Republican Tom Campbell was hosted recently by Silicon Valley insider, technology investor, and amateur pornographer Chris blah, blah, blah.... Yeh's website extols the virtues of sex and the sex trade and he actively courts X-Rated businesses to send him investment proposals, blah, blah, blah..." lol.

Politics after all, is where freedom of speech for ordinary citizens is thrown out the window and attacks on their person have become the norm... ask Rush (who did not say what they said he said, but it doesn't matter)... or any number of others. Once you start playing in politics, everything YOU've ever done or said will be used against the person you support by his opponents.

But then, we have a self admitted Coke addict + communist sympathizer in the WH now, so go figure.

Foobarista said...
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Foobarista said...

Oops - it ate my comment.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I like him in many ways, but is he enough of an asshole to fight the civil service unions and win? They fight dirty, so if he's hoping that a calm, rational "discussion" will prevail, he's bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Chris said...


Correction--I am not a wannabe pornographer, I am a wannabe pornography investor.

Chris said...


Agree that Campbell is more mild-mannered than we might like, but at least he seems to have specific ideas for what he wants to do. Sadly, if California has a choice between Campbell, Whitman, and Poizner, and later Brown and Newsome, Campbell may be our last best hope.

Laura Forrest said...

Tom Campbell blew me away during a lecture he gave years ago to my Stock Trading Club at Cal. He called the housing bust, and more, well before it happened. I'm very liberal (hell, I lived in a co-op at the time!) but do consider myself fiscally conservative so I'm gunning for Campbell this election. Despite his unfortunate lack of charisma to me he's what CA needs most.