Saturday, February 06, 2010

Paragraph of the Day: Three Wishes

"If a genie asks a guy to make three wishes that she will make come true, what would the guy say? "I want $1 billion dollars, a swimsuit model wife and the chance to play golf every day." Tiger had all that and apparently it wasn't enough to make him happy. Now I'm just depressed."
(Letter to Bill Simmons)

Of course, researchers would say that this simply indicates that money can't buy happiness, beauty is only skin deep, and that the hedonic treadmill applies to everyone, even the rich and famous.


EY said...

Isn't this more like a comment on the importance of self-honesty, especially when talking to genies? If you can't live without an open marriage, admit it to yourself and include it in the damned wish.

E said...

The last comment is funny.
Perhaps there's something that the guy finds "fun" that we can't understand.
Why get married if you're going to be open?