Thursday, August 04, 2011

"We Hate Hot Deals"

I'm listening to John Frankel on the redoubtable Mark Suster's "This Week In Venture Capital". It's a great interview in general, but I love this particular point:

John says he hates hot deals because it means the company is solving a currently fashionable problem. As a result, the company is doing its financing while it's small, before it's achieved a dominant market position.

John would much rather invest in a company that is solving a problem a few years out, so that it will have time to grow *before* the rest of the market catches on.

I couldn't agree more. I love when someone articulates a point I've understood intuitively, but not intellectually.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Paragraph of the Day: "Sports fans are like bad lovers"

Here's a great paragraph. It carries the reader along one cliche, only to upend it with a splash of cold truth:

"Sports fans are like bad lovers, jealous and infatuated at the same time. I’d play professional football for free, they say. I would sleep in the parking lot to be the first guy at practice. I’d run every route, gleefully make every down-field block, volunteer to return punts and fill the Gatorade containers. How could anyone take such a gift, and thus, responsibility, so lightly? Of course, these are largely the same people who take time off at work to read about sports on the Internet. That is to say: most everybody loafs; few people do their jobs under as much scrutiny as skill players on offense in pro football."