Monday, January 07, 2013

Have a big goal? Start with steady progress, no matter how small

I love this recent blog post about the power of making progress, no matter how small the increment:
"Nathan Barry, a normal guy from Idaho with a wife and kid, found the time to write his book in thousand word chunks.

Jonathan Hardesty, an aspiring artist who started at “rock bottom”, did one sketch or painting every day. It took him years of work, but he went from untrained to professional artist.

Tim Cawley, with a day job in advertising, squeezed in work on nights, early mornings, and holiday breaks for two years to complete his documentary. It’s now showing at film festivals across the country."

I've often said that I want to write a book; so many of my friends are best-selling authors, I feel left out! But I always point out that I don't have time to write a book. After all, I'm an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, father, and numerous other things.

Yet, since I started blogging in 2001, I've published 1,522 blog posts (and that's just on my main blog). At an average of 500 words per post, that means my blog includes over 750,000 words...or roughly 7 1/2 books worth of content over 11 years.

Since I joined Twitter in 2007, I've published 4,936 tweets. At an average of 20 words per tweet, that's nearly 100,000 words...or roughly a single full-length book.

It's time I stopped making excuses and started writing. My New Year's resolution is the following:

Before the end of 2014, I will have written a full-length book, published or not.

You heard it here first!

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Arik Waldman said...

Good luck!