Friday, May 24, 2013

BetaBeat's "The Pitch" web series is smart marketing that should cloned for Silicon Valley

I've really been enjoying the pitch videos that BetaBeat has made available as part of its "The Pitch" webisodes.

From what I can tell, "The Pitch" applies the classic webisode model (short <5 a="" br="" case="" episodes="" fedex="" fundraising="" in="" major="" minute="" new="" process="" sponsor--in="" the="" this="" to="" vc="" york.="">
I just watched a video that showed the founders of Silver Living, a super-Yelp for retirement homes, pitch to Steve Schlafman of Lerer and Nikhil Kalghatgi of Softbank:
Watch thevideo

The video is highly professional and tightly edited, and gives you a great sense of the founders and the business. It even includes dramatic tension, as it becomes apparent that the founders haven't thought enough about virality (though other than that, they came across as smart and well-prepared).

Interestingly enough, FedEx's participation appears limited to a preroll ad; it's not intrusive, nor is there awkward product placement as I would have feared.

I would love to see someone do something similar here in Silicon Valley. These 5-minute pitch videos would be an awesome addition to Angel List profiles, for example.

And if FedEx wants to pay me to be one of the investor stars, that wouldn't be too bad either!

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