Sunday, June 23, 2013

Want to be an expert? Create a resource people rely on.

I recently ran across the Wheel of Persuasion:

It's a catalog of online persuasion techniques, perfect for persuasion junkies like me and Ramit Sethi (which is where I suspect I found the link).

But it's also a great example of how putting in the work can establish your status as an expert.  It's marketing genius.

The Wheel of Persuasion is from Bart Schutz, who runs a consultancy in the Netherlands called Online Dialogue.

Had I ever heard of him before?


Will I remember him now?


If you build a resource people rely on, you create a massively scalable sales tool.  You can only have so many conversations.  Events like speaking gigs can multiply your audience, but a uniquely useful tool can reach orders of magnitude more people.

What's stopping you from building a Wheel of Persuasion equivalent to promote your startup, or your personal expertise?

1 comment:

Bart Schutz said...

Wow, thank you 4 the mention Chris. Proud 2b among the extremely small % of things you might actually remember... (I might actually remember u2, since I'm posting this comment :-)

And yes, authority is some mighty persuasion technique ;-)

So share-share, and we'll all (including ourselves) benefit...

Yours persuasively,
Bart 'also a true persuasion junkie' Schutz