Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why It's Good You Don't Always Get What You Want

I just finished listening to Kevin Pollak's amazing interview with filmmaker Peter Farrelly ("Dumb and Dumber", "There's Something About Mary", "Hall Pass").  You can watch it on YouTube here:

(Note: This is a 2 1/2 hour ready to be seated for a while!)

Farrelly covers his entire career, how he became a writer, and the time he encountered a UFO on I-295.  It's a great interview.

At one point, Farrelly said something that I immediately wrote down in my phone, because I knew I wanted to share it.  Here it is:

"If you get everything you want, your world is limited by your imagination. If you don't, the universe takes over, and you might get something even better." --Peter Farrelly
As an entrepreneur, you have to be open to the possibilities.  Larry and Sergey wanted to sell Google to Yahoo for $500,000.  Zuckerberg wanted Facebook to be a file sharing network.  Your greatest success may come from the universe taking over.

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